Edward Gunn LLP is a panel selection firm.

Our hiring panel, with leadership experience spanning more than 500+ years and 45 countries is uniquely placed to research, evaluate and select the best talent for senior and strategic appointments.

Panel selection is a talent evaluation process that relies on industry and discipline experts to select candidates for senior positions. Unlike traditional recruitment or head-hunting, those charged with evaluating candidates are seasoned leaders within our clients’ industry and/or discipline of the vacant position.

+ Years Experience
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Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing practice works with clients to develop high performing commercial teams. Our global panel of sales and marketing experts help our clients optimise teams through acquisition of new talent to provide the greatest revenue  results possible.

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Energy Industry:

Our Energy practice advises on all aspects of senior talent acquisition projects. Delivered through the Panel Selection methodology, our industry experts guide energy clients through change and growth periods, providing stability and security within senior leadership teams.

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Global Talent Research:

This practice area specifically assists our client with identification of and engagement with the best talent around the world. We consult on how to attract the best people, ensuring a fair and unbiased process is present to give an equal opportunity for all candidates.

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