About Edward Gunn

With a firm focus on empathy, we fully understand the hiring rationale of our clients and gain an appreciation of the niche hiring needs of every business. This approach means that we are able to put client stability and growth at the forefront of the selection process, taking the time to ensure that both the candidate and client are a perfectly aligned in all aspects of their future working lives. This methodology positions us as a true extension of your operation, so we not only find the right skills and experience but also finds the right characters for your business.

Our commitment to being a responsible employer is at the core of everything we do by ensuring we create a flexible, performance based working culture and sustaining an innovative ESG programme.

Our Purpose is to provide stable and predictable growth for organisations and candidates.

Our Vision is to align companies with their perfect leaders through an independent, objective selection process.

Our Mission is to build a global panel of industry and discipline experts to reinvent executive search in order to deliver long lasting, stable results – all while being a responsible employer.

Our ESG programme addresses three key targets, equal opportunities for all in the workplace, a fair and equal opportunity for young people to excel and to be a carbon-negative employer.

Our Practice Areas

Our Energy practice advises on all aspects of senior leadership talent acquisition projects. Delivered through the Panel Selection methodology, the team of industry experts guide energy clients through their change or growth periods, providing stability and security
within their senior leadership teams.

The focus areas we help our clients with are:
– Panel Selection for new hires into a leadership team or executive group
– Leadership Team structure and optimisation consulting


Sales and Marketing:
The Sales and Marketing practice works with clients to develop high performing commercial teams. Our global panel of sales and marketing experts help our clients optimise teams through acquisition of new talent to provide the greatest revenue results.

The focus areas we help our clients with are:
– Panel Selection for new hires into the sales and marketing function
– Go to market implementation through team design


Global Talent Research:
This practice area specifically assists our client with identification of and engagement with the best talent around the world. We consult on how to attract the best people, ensuring a fair and unbiased process is present to give an equal opportunity for all candidates.

The focus areas we help our clients with are:
– Head hunting and candidate management
– Hiring process consulting (including DE&I)

Meet the Team

As Co-founder and Marketing Director, Alex oversees all selection projects and marketing operations. After 16 years building marketing and sales teams across Europe and North America, he chairs all panels within these disciplines.
As Co-founder and COO, Richard has spent 16 years building high performance marketing and product teams globally. Leading operations and technical/product selection processes he is our in-house tech and delivery expert.
As Junior Partner & Head of Office, Natalie is the operational lead and manages the Research Team, ensuring clients access the best global talent.  With experience spanning three continents, her ability to deliver market and candidate research is unrivalled.
Chairing selection processes and advising clients on strategic hiring, Chris brings more than 40 years of leadership knowledge within energy, software and tech sectors. He also leads client projects within North/Central America and Asia/Pacific.
Carly’s extensive leadership experience, intuitive approach and radical honesty position her perfectly to help organisations find their ideal candidate. Going beyond skills and experience, she evaluates team dynamics and persona matching.
The face of client services within the UK, David brings more than 30 years experience within IT, Insurance, ESG and HR sectors. Leading our client engagement programme, he provides invaluable talent insight and impartial hiring advice.

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