23 Feb 2021

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society supports the most vulnerable young people facing abuse, neglect and exploitation. We reach over 11,000 young people each year through our local and national services and effect change for more than 4 million children through lobbying the government and changing the systems which prevent young people from thriving.

Children and young people come to The Children’s Society when they have low self-esteem. When they’re living in families that can’t afford the next meal, the next size up in school uniform. Or when there’s no-one else to lean on. We support young people who are looking after mum, dad, or their siblings more than they bargained for. Or who have been taken advantage of and find themselves being criminally and sexually exploited. Children, young people and families come to them when they need someone to talk to, for therapy, sometimes just a bite to eat. To help with their court case, to talk to their mum, social services, their teacher, to sometimes not talk at all. The Children’s Society work with children and young people for as long as it takes and we’re with them no matter what.

At The Children’s Society we take inspiration from the courage and hope we see in young people every day, fuelling their belief that a good childhood is something every young person deserves.  Our vision is for a society built for all children, one where we all work together to give children and young people who are facing the most serious challenges, a better life. But we can’t do this alone. Together, we must overturn the damaging decline in children’s well-being and set a path for long lasting growth.


To find out more visit: www.childrenssociety.org.uk.